Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prime Time (1977)

FYI this movie is also know as American Raspberry.

Could it be? Could all the movies in this 50 pack not be as absolutely awful as Mama Dracula? Or have I just found the diamond in the rough?

I was pleasantly surprised with Prime Time, and it allows me to say something I never thought I would say in these reviews: not only did I enjoy this movie, I would actually recommend this movie. This is a vastly different from say Mama Dracula which I wouldn't even recommend to my enemies.

Prime Time is in the same vein as The Kentucky Fried Movie or Amazon Women on the Moon where it's essentially a movie, but with mostly a lot of skits. In Prime Time TV is taken over by... someone, I don't think they ever really say who and instead of your regularly scheduled programming you have some pretty hilarious, yet generally tasteless skits. Everything from the Supreme Court declaring that you can now abort children up to the age five or the pretty damn funny "Charles Whitman Invitational"

Like any of these movies the skits are hit and miss, but generally they're worth a chuckle. Also a lot of them are somewhat dated due to this being released thirty-three years ago. I would guess that a lot of kids nowadays don't even know who Charles Whitman is. Overall though it was pretty damn funny and had quite a few laugh out loud moments for me.

Normally while watching these movies I jot down notes here and there so I remember things for these reviews, with Prime Time I only wrote down about three things because I was actually enjoying the movie, it was actually funny and kept my attention. Prime time gets a 1 Birthday Fish out of 5 from me. It's actually worth seeing.

1 Birthday Fish out of 5


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